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Keyword Research and Analysis


Selection of the most appropriate keywords/keyphrases is ultimately the key to a successful search engine marketing campaign.

Consider this - you are selling cameras and defined your business as 'value photography'. To reach to the top results for 'value photography' in search results is easy. But the point is how many people type the phrase 'value photography'? you can reach to top for a keyword/keyphrase which no one is searching for, in which case you are mis-utilizing your advertising dollars.


Sales focused, action oriented and brand impact keywords are to be chosen carefully. This will ultimately lead to a successful search engine optimization /SEM campaign.


We conduct keyword research on the basis of your past conversion and log details. Analysis of your web logs will help you in showing the current strength of particular keywords in your online business.


The keywords and Key-phrases on the basis of our strong keyword Analysis are determined by our research and analysis as your most convincing and most potential and help you in attaining new clients and getting an extra edge over your competitors. Research is also carried out to determine and scrutinize the keywords/keyword phrases which used by your existing clients and the clients of your rivals are inquiring about in other search engines.


The process followed by us is common sense oriented, scientific and accurate. We analyze your keywords and recommend the best sales oriented keywords for your business on the basis of COMPETITIVENESS, POPULARITY and RELEVANCY of keywords.


The selection of keywords is well-proportioned choosing of the words and phrases that are RELEVANT to your business, adequately POPULAR among the target audience and moreover have a lower degree of COMPETITIVENESS. We will also recommend areas where we believe creation of additional copy will bring more traffic to your site on the basis our research regarding the keywords/keyword phrases.


Proper Phrases and Keywords in proper place, proper URL makes a huge difference in terms of Excellent SEO services.


Contact SEOSEO today to know how strategic keyword research and generation can help your business!

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