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Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign Management, PPC Bid Management & Internet Advertising

Search engines, apart from free results, display sponsored messages of advertisers and charge them on a per click basis - pay per click (PPC)

The business is slated for an exponential growth, with Google alone ranking $4 billion as revenues last year.

PPC is costlier than SEO because we pay for each 'click' that happens on our link. But it has its own advantages:

  1. Day parting: you want the users to see the message only when the office is open. 9Am to 5PM the Pizza shop is open, you can make sure that this is there by PPC.
  2. Geo targeting: You want people only from West Virginia or/and Canberra only. PPC is the only solution.
  3. Language specific: want to try Chinese in China, French in France.
  4. Short term campaignsThere is a discount offering for 2 months and you cannot afford to wait for 6 months. PPC is the only ROI (Return on Investment) based tool.
  5. Seasonal: Winter promotions, Summer sales all are doable.
  6. Multi offer testing: am not sure which offer may convert better - whether it is '5% off on purchase' or 'Free ipod with purchase.
  7. Research: This is the most interesting area - you can try if Iceland would be a better market or a Scandinavia or a China. The ways we can conduct a research using search engines is limited only by our imagination.
  8. Regional analysis: Which region is more receptive to your product, which region could offer a more compelling reason on a comparative basis.
  9. ASAP: I want it up and running in 48 hrs?
  10. Custom messaging: there are unlimited variations that can be tried out simultaneously, or one after other. It's unlike a TV or print commercial where there is only one chance to perform.
  11. Control: we control all the aspects of the marketing - costs, creative, timings, languages, etc
We offer PPC management on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Miva) across the globe and bid management services to all types of online businesses to reduce their operational cost and improve profit in terms of savings through handleing their pay per click management campaigns.





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