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Website Traffic Analysis

Attracting high quality traffic to website is the main aim of any SEO campaign. We analyze your log files to know the kind of traffic, the sources of visitors, the penetration and interest levels, the bounce pages and this includes both SEO and PPC data. We thereafter provide a comprehensive report.


This facilitates us keep track of campaign's performance metrics and enables us to increase its efficiency and maintain higher ROI.


It will also help in deciding and charting future plans and strategies and provide information on useful metrics like most converted keywords, which pages are performing well and which are not and so on.


Our experts will carry out in-depth analysis using your traffic logs as well as campaign logs to improve you sales. In many cases traffic is very high but the conversion is very less reason can be wrong traffic, improper design or something else?

We have proven answers to improve conversion rates!!


Contact us now for your web site traffic details or website logs for free traffic analysis report.



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