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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to market your online business to the people searching for your product or service. PPC combined with SEO services offers more power than any other advertising medium!

With PPC, you have both the immediate reach of a worldwide audience and the ability to target individual cities and towns with the budget you set. The other advantages of PPC are:

  1. Day parting: You can display your Ads only when the office is open.
  2. Geo targeting: Target people in a specific city or region. You want people only from Ottawa or/and Toronto. PPC is the only solution.
  3. Language specific: Target various people using various languages. Using English in Ontario and French in Quebec.
  4. Short term campaignsThere is a discount offering for 2 months and you cannot afford to wait for 6 months. PPC is the only ROI (Return on Investment) based tool.
  5. Seasonal: Winter promotions, Summer sales all are doable.
  6. Multi offer testing: You are not sure which offer may convert better - whether it is '5% off on purchase' or 'Free ipod with purchase. PPC allow you to try multi-offer ads.
  7. Research and Regional analysis: This is the most interesting area - you can try which countires/regions are a better market for your services.
  8. Time: PPC can be up and running in 48 hrs?
  9. Custom messaging: There are unlimited variations that can be tried out simultaneously, or one after other. It's unlike a TV or print commercial where there is only one chance to perform.
  10. Control: we control all the aspects of the marketing - costs, creative, timings, languages, etc

SEOSEO offers PPC management and bid management services on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo, Miva) across the globe to all types of online businesses to reduce their operational cost and improve profit in terms of savings through handleing their pay per click management campaigns.


Our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services are built for companies that want to develop or enhance their leads and revenue. The service includes a complete assessment of your web presence and your current Search Engine Marketing strategies being used.



Our complete methodology is described below:



Competitive Analysis


After deep understanding of your business's objectives and goals. We conduct Competitive Analysis which includes a complete analysis of the major competitors within your online vertical is performed. Where applicable, your Search Engine Marketing strategy and media mix, online presence and website performance/conversion rate is evaluated. The results of the evaluation will results in:

  1. Recommendations and implementation strategies in areas of website functionality and usability
  2. Content development and management

Situation Analysis  

Identifies the online target audience for your products and services.  Includes a search engine review of the current search trends and market characteristics of the target markets.


The Search Engine Marketing Strategy

  1. Measurable goals
  2. Objectives and budget
  3. Target market segments and focus
  4. Positioning of products or services
  5. Search engine presence and strategy

Website Analysis and Conversion Augmentation

A proficient in-depth review of your website's conversion potential, content and usability is provided. It covers the following areas as required:

  1. Content depth, message and relevancy
  2. Architecture/hierarchy of pages
  3. Aesthetic design, presentation and layout, consistency
  4. Functionality, usability
  5. Customer feedback, user experience
  6. Ability to handle errors
  7. The technology incorporated

SEM Implementation Plan

An SEM Implementation Plan will be created that outlines your Search Engine Marketing strategy, optimal search media mix, website content and functionality. This will produce a website with a Search Engine Marketing strategy that imparts maximum online presence, client conversions and Return on Investment. Based on your goals and budget, the plan will detail implementation and estimated costs of the following SEM areas:  

  1. SEM strategy implementation, ongoing campaign management and cost
  2. Development of text ads and targeted landing pages
  3. Conversion enhancements for website
  4. Key phrase research and selection
  5. Organic Search Engine Optimization and submission to search engines and web directories
  6. Internet directory submission, i.e. Internet Yellow Pages
  7. Submission of text ads to paid search networks and comparison shopping engines
  8. Return on Investment projections


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